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Outlook 2017 updated

We are updating our revenue guidance for the year. Due to recent reorganisation of Consumer Sports, we now expect to deliver full year revenue of around €900 million. Previous full year revenue guidance was around €925 million.

Despite lower revenue, adjusted EPS1 of around €0.25 remains unchanged.

We now expect the level of investments (CAPEX and OPEX combined) to show a marginal increase compared with 20162, excluding acquisitions and restructuring charges.

 20 October 2017


1Earnings per fully diluted share count adjusted for acquisition-related expenses & gains, impairments and material restructuring costs on a post-tax basis.

2In 2016, CAPEX was €118 million and OPEX was €557 million. Year to date in 2017, we spent €24.5 million on acquisition-related CAPEX and €15.4 million on restructuring charges.