TomTom NV
4 Mar, 2008

Improved TomTom WEBFLEET from TomTom WORK is smarter, more interactive and even easier to use

CeBIT - Hanover, 4 March 2008 – TomTom WORK, the business-to-business division of TomTom, today introduces a new and enhanced TomTom WEBFLEET service, a market-leading on-line fleet management, order tracking and reporting service accessible 24 hours a day from any Internet-enabled PC.

Users will find the new TomTom WEBFLEET more interactive, highly intuitive and easier to use than its predecessor. The result is a system that makes a business smarter and more cost effective by placing intelligence at the user’s fingertips.

Users now have a choice of maps – either the TomTom WEBFLEET map, which is frequently updated by the TomTom community with TomTom Map Share™, or the satellite map that is able to provide a realistic view up to street level.  The ability to see the precise location of all vehicles at a glance and instantly send a message to any of them at a click of a mouse, means that jobs can always be allocated to the one that is best positioned.  Additionally, the dispatcher can intelligently plan job allocations taking the actual traffic information into account as the TomTom WEBFLEET’s map will feature up-to-date traffic information.

The newly-designed interface means that features have been grouped functionally for specific tasks that need to be performed. For quick viewing the user can simply drag the map across the screen or use the mouse to zoom in and out.

“The new and improved WEBFLEET from TomTom WORK brings more and better intelligence right into the heart of a business,” said Thomas Becher, commercial director TomTom WORK. “It creates synergies between all employees making each one more effective, more efficient, more productive and better able to contribute to the bottom line.”

Targeted mainly at small and medium-sized businesses, TomTom WEBFLEET is at the centre of TomTom WORK’s connected navigation solution. This provides a link between a company’s base, its vehicles and its back-office functions in an integrated and cost-effective way. It enables:

• efficient planning;
• vehicle tracking and consignment tracing in real time;
• easier compilation of reports on vehicle usage and mileages;
• fast and effective navigation for drivers; and
• instant two-way communication.

TomTom WEBFLEET can be used across a broad range of businesses and is particularly suited to those where fast response times are critical and where it’s vital to keep customers informed of progress.

The new TomTom WEBFLEET will be available during Q2 2008.

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